Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) and the UCPRPO Prioritization Process Information - P5


Governor McCrory and the N.C. Department of Transportation are committed to improving the quality of life for citizens in North Carolina. Together, we want to find more efficient ways to better connect all North Carolinians - to jobs, health care, education and recreational experiences. The Strategic Transportation Investments bill (HB817), which was signed into law on June 26, 2013, will help make that possible by better leveraging existing funds to enhance the state’s infrastructure, providing greater opportunity for economic growth.

One of the core duties of any RPO or MPO is the identification and prioritization of projects for consideration in the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The State's TIP document is a summary of the transportation projects across all modes that are either underway, in the project development process, or planned for implementation in the next 10 years.

Here you will find information about how the UCPRPO is implementing the prioritization process. This site will be updated during the process with vital information so book mark this page for future reference.

For more information about Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) visit NCDOT's sites:


STI P5.0 Process is underway:

The Upper Coastal Plain Rural Planning Organization has adopted their STI P5 Projects.

Adopted P5 Project List:
UCPRPO STI P5 Projects List 0091317.pdf

For Current UCPRPO Projects:
iconClick here for current UCPRPO STI projects

A brief presentation of the STI P5 Prioritization Process may be downloaded here: Prioritization and Programming Process UCPRPO.pdf

The next step is prioritizing the STI P5 Regional Projects with public input. The Draft list of Regional Project may be reviewed here:
Draft UCPRPO STI P5 Region Scores Prioritization Sheet.pdf

Adopted UCPRPO P5 Local Methodology:


If you would like to provide input into the process please contact:

Upper Coastal Plain Rural Planning Organization
120 W Washington St
Suite 2110
Nashville, NC 27856

Or you may attend one of our next TCC or TAC meetings scheduled for:

TCC Meeting - May 1, 2018
11:00am - 12:30pm
Wilson Operation's Center - Training Room
1800 Herring Ave
Wilson, NC 27893

TAC Meeting - May 16, 2018
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Wilson Operation's Center - Training Room
1800 Herring Ave
Wilson, NC 27893

SPOT P5.0 Schedule

Previous SPOT P 4.0 Prioritization information below:



Previously proposed STI P4 UCPRPO Division Points Allocation: Final Division P4 Point Allocations_DRAFT100516.pdf

The UCPRPO TAC will be meeting on the following date to receive public comments and to prioritize P4.0 STI Division Category Projects for the RPO:

October 26, 2016 - TAC meeting to begin reviewing and prioritizing STI P4 Projects
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Wilson Operation's Center - Training Room
1800 Herring Ave
Wilson, NC 27893

TAC adopts SPOT P4.0 Regional Points Allocations Draft October 4, 2016:

UCPRPO Draft Division P4 Point Allocations: Final Division P4 Point Allocations_DRAFT100516.pdf

TAC Member P4 Division Prioritization: TAC Scores Region Projects 060716.pdf

Proposed Division Category Point Computations: P4 Division PROPOSED FINAL Computations 100416 Draft.pdf


**Regional STI P4 Points Allocation - June 23, 2016**

(June 7, 2016) Proposed UCPRPO P4 Region Point Allocation Documents:

Proposed SPOT4 UCPRPO Region Point Allocation: REGION PNT ALLOCATION 060716m.pdf

TAC Member P4 Region Prioritization: TAC Scores Region Projects 060716.pdf

Proposed Region Point Computations: REGION PROPOSED FINAL Computations 060716.xlsx

The current draft proposed STI 4.0 Prioritization Methodology may be downloaded here (Public Comments are welcome): Conditional Approved STI RANKING METHODOLOGY-120815.pdf


Click here for an interactive map showing current UCPRPO Projects.

Click here for a .pdf of current SPOT 4 Projects.


The STI P 4.0 Prioritization Schedule which includes public comments is:




Previous SPOT P 3.0 Prioritization information below:

After two public meetings, TCC/TAC project prioritzing, and a 30 day public comment period the TAC adopted the final UCPRPO STI P3 Point Allocation at the joint TCC/TAC meeting held on July 23, 2014. With unanoumous approval by the TAC, there were two modifications made to the prioritizing rankings. These modifications are:

1. At the Division Level, project H090895 was changed to H141891 at the Wilson's Mills Elementary School. H141891 is essentially the same project but is longer to allow for the necessary "tapering" that would be required to add the addtional center turnning lane in front of the school.

2. At the Division Level, project H090895 Noble St in Johnston County was replaced with project H141891 US 70 due to the change in the data score for safety and due to public comments at the public meetings and TCC/TAC member supoort for the project.

The final adopted point allocations may be viewed here:

UCPRPO TAC Member ranking results June 25, 2014

UCPRPO TAC Member detail ranking computations

Data Scores Released (June 2, 2014 SPOT Release)


Past UCPRPO Projects:
Click here for interactive map of current UCPRPO Prioritization Projects.......

Below are downloadable documents for reference:

UCPRPO STI RANKING METHODOLOGY-2-14-14_Adopted 3-12-14 with resolution.pdf

UCPRPO SPOT 3.0 BALLOT - 5-19-14 - DIVISION BALLOT Final May 14, 2014.pdf
UCPRPO SPOT 3.0 BALLOT - 5-19-14 -STATE and REGION Ballot May 14, 2014.pdf
UCPRPO SPOT 3.0 - 5-19-14 - Aviation BALLOT - 5-14-14.pdf

Additional informational maps:
STI_Project DIVISION Score Analysis 5-1-14.pdf
STI_Project REGION Score Analysis 5-1-14.pdf
STI_Project State Score Analysis_NEW.pdf
STI_Score Analysys_MPO-RPO State Scores_small.pdf
STI_Score State by County Analysis_small.pdf




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