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Edgecombe County CTP (.pdf)
Johnston County CTP (.pdf)
Nash County CTP (.pdf)
Wilson County CTP (.pdf)


Total Statewide Projects: 5

Total Regional Projects: 18

Total (Local) Division Projects: 36
6 Transit Projects
10 Aviation Projects
1 Sidewalk Project
19 Highway Projects

NCDOT SPOT 2.0 Final Scores (.xls)
UCPRPO SPOT 2.0 Scores (.xls)


Data Score Column provides the project score based upon Transportation Mode.

Highway Mode = Viability Score (Max. 75 points)

Aviation Mode = Operational Imprvoements Score (Max. 10 Points)

Transit Mode = Transit Expansion Criteria Score (Max. 10 Points)

Bike/Pedstrian Mode = Connectivity Score (Max. 10 Points)

SPOT 3 ID TIER MODE P3 Region Quantitative Score P3 Division Quantitative Score Data Score LOCATION Route TIP # Description