Johnston County CTP


Information About the CTP

North Carolina General Statute 136-66.2 requires each municipality or MPO, with the cooperation of the NCDOT, to develop a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) serving present and anticipated travel demand in and around the municipality or MPO. The plan shall be based on the best information available including, but not limited to, population growth, economic conditions and prospects, and patterns of land development in and around the municipality, and shall provide for the safe and effective use of the transportation system. jctp

The CTP is a series of 5 sheets. Each sheet will be on the same base map with the same scale. The base map will contain the basic infrastructure for the area and will include the existing roadway system, rail lines, water features, and features significant to the area including but not limited to: county boundary, schools, parks, planning boundary, surrounding city/town locations (hopefully in the future churches and cemeteries). The CTP sheets will include: Adoption Sheet, Highway Map, Public Transportation and Rail Map, Bicycle Map, and Pedestrian Map. Independently the highway map, public transportation and rail map, and bicycle map offer insight into the future modal elements for an area. Together, the maps form an all-inclusive look at the transportation system.



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